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PostSubject: Application   Application I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2012 12:33 pm

Resist Code of Conduct:


This is a very simple rule. Please respect everyone. Everyone is equal. Not just our faction, but all members in PWI. The "Golden Rule" applies. Treat everyone in the same manner as you would like yourself to be treated.

You are carrying our name around, carry it with pride. We are not just a guild/clan/faction; we are also a family, one that encourages manners, kindness, generosity and moral conduct. If you have any problems with your faction mates, you can always contact any officer to help you out.


The nature of the game encourages players to create more than one character, and this leads to people becoming members in more than one faction. This is understood. However, recruiting for other factions from your character inside the Resist is not only disrespectful, it is not allowed.
Recruiting can be direct or indirect. Examples of direct recruiting are suggesting that people might like to join another faction or directly giving recruiting information to encourage joining another faction. Indirect recruiting would include, but not be limited to, talking extensively about another faction and directly comparing it to Resist in an unfavorable fashion. This does not include casual conversation about other factions. Casual conversation is not what is covered here - chatting about other factions and even discussing their good points is fine. But direct, extensive, lengthy conversations/statements about how much better the faction that your alt or your friend is in will not be allowed. It shows where your loyalty lies and you will be asked to leave.

If you don't like the faction, speak to an officer in private to initiate change, or simply leave. We want happy members and if you aren't happy in Resist we encourage you to find a faction that is better suited to your playing style.

Chat Content:

Of course, we all want to have fun, but we need to maintain a certain maturity level. Make sure you keep the faction chat clean, no spamming, no overuse of caps lock, trash talking, offending, causing drama, etc. (also see: Respect). Performing any of these will have serious consequences, which may result in a warning or a (temporary/permanent) ban. We're here to play a game and have fun together, if you're looking for other things you don't belong here. There are people of many different ages in our faction so make this a safe place for everyone.

The faction chat channel should not be used to solve issues between individuals. The faction chat channel shall not be used to slander, belittle, argue with, or disrespect anyone. All disputes shall be handled on a private basis. Gossiping and talking behind other's backs is not tolerated. If you find it impossible to solve your issue amongst yourselves, bring it to the attention of an Officer (Executor, Marshal, Director, and Leader).


Characters must remain active to stay in faction. Activity will be tracked. If a character has not leveled in 4 weeks, they may be removed from faction. Activity is monitored based on GBQ’s, participation in trials, TW’s and faction events.

Any member who has left faction, or been removed due to inactivity and wants to rejoin must discuss it with the Faction Leader or Director . If you know you will be inactive, or less active than the requirement, please notify someone from the leadership team and we will work with you.

Leaving faction:

Leaving our faction is an important decision that should be well considered. We understand if you decide to take a look somewhere else but we do not want to be treated as if we have a revolving door. When leaving the faction, you must speak with an officer giving a reason or it will affect the decision to allow you back in if you want to return to us in the future. If you have an alt in faction, and you leave without notifying an officer, the alt will also be removed.

If you have decided to apply to another faction, we ask that you please notify an officer and leave the faction. Your application to another faction shows us where your loyalty is, and it is very rude to use the faction as a backup for the instance of "just in case I don’t get accepted." If your application is found by one of the officers, we will in that case contact you and remove you from the faction.

Alternative Character Rules:
Everyone is allowed one alternate character in faction if they so desire. This will be limited only by faction capacity. Both characters must remain active to stay in faction. Inactive characters will be asked to leave faction after being notified of inactivity.

Member/Non-member interaction:
-Intentional Kill Stealing is not tolerated (obviously this can be hard to avoid for example in a wraith invasion)

-Do not go PK unless you are fully aware of the risks

-Do not interfere with other players/guilds events

-Do not berate or defame guilds or individuals over World Chat. Present an image of honor, not shame.

-Do not attempt to cause malcontent amongst players in other guilds (and obviously in our own).

-Do not abandon a squad without a good explanation presented prior to departure

-Do not engage in dishonest trade transactions

-Do not participate in looting

Please copy and paste this application into your own post.

Toon Name:

LVL & Class:


What is your HP Unbuffed/Buffed:

Other toons & Faction they are in:

Other Factions you have been in with this toon:

What time zone do you play in? (GMT +/-):

How Active are you:

People in Resist you know:

Why do you want to join Resist:

What are your goals in Perfect World and in Resist:

Any other information to take into consideration:
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PostSubject: Synlicious   Application I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 5:23 pm


76 Cleric

Gear (Including shards and refines. Please do not use PWI calc. It is inaccurate)

Hat/Helm: Crystal Headdress
Chest: R5
Legs: Dark Pants of Hades +3 w/ 2 Flaw Garnet
Boots: TT70 w/2 Beautiful Cit
Weapon: Sakyamuni's Light +2 w/ 1 Imac Saph
Neck: Natures Breath
Robe: 3* Hermit cape
Tome (Name and Stats):
Wrist: TT70
Belt: 3* Quest Reward Sash of the Wraith General
Ring 1: R5
Ring 2: 3* Ring of flaming (Vit+4 and Channel -3%)
Preferred Blessing for TW: None

What is your HP and MP Unbuffed (not even self buffed): 2021 / 7788

Do you have other characters and if so, what is their name, level, and Faction they are in: Sanctuary Server

What other Factions have you called "Home" on this character? None.

What time zone do you play in? (GMT +/-): CDT USA

How Active are you (How many hours a week will you play)? 40+

People in Resist you know: The entire faction

Why do you want to join Resist? cause I love the Bloody, Echo, Rhage, RAMA, aw hell the whole lot of em

What are your goals within Perfect World and being a member of Resist: Be a cleric people see and say "I don't wanna fvck with that. She'll kick my ass" or see in TW and be screaming in vent "Syn's left path watch out! don't bunch up, that tempest will kill ya!" Far as Resist, to maintain what the leader wants. Play my part best I can (and afford) to help the overall goal of Resist to thrive.

Any other information to take into consideration: I like cold pizza. I take smoke breaks roughly every 3 hours. I do have to care for my mother at random points which causes AFK's. I dislike making people wait. I'm president of the "Keep Kitteh's Safe Assosiation" and Leader of the ^Pro at being Fail Cleric Corp^. Oh, and another thing, for some reason, Echo likes to call me Juicy.

Am I in yet? bounce bounce bounce
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